Brian, Man of the Woods with Pink Finger Nails

ManOfTheWoods, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

One of the fellows I work with, Brian, has found it fit to get a manicure, complete with pink (actually, I’m told “pinkish-coppery”) nail polish. He got his done the same color as one of the “bolting ladies” who went yesterday (apparantly!) to get her nails done.

Now, normally, I would not find it blogworthy to write about dares, bribes, special occassions, marriages, or acts of terror (well, maybe the bribes might make it in, especially if it involves me getting large sums of chocolate in unmarked snickers bars) but today is different. Today is a special day. Today, I’m going to write about this because, well, Brian probably doesn’t want me to and I’ve got my trip on my brain so it’s rather empty up there, what with all the dust bunnies, New Orleans cable car names, ipod manuals, and all.

Brian probably doesn’t want to go down in infamy as “the fellow from Carol’s Blogger Site with the Pink Finger Nails.” And, I’m sure, he won’t (yeah, right.) Don’t worry Brian, only like 8 people read this thing anyway.

Heh. If you are one of them, next time you see him, be sure to ask, “Got pink?”

For those paying attention, this picture is from the Renaissance Festival in Waxahachie, TX. It was taken during the parade of, ahem, “freaks” (methinks they should have one of those in our coffee/game room, what with all the pre-qualified pink finger nail polish wearing applicants right here.)

By the way, I was searching the web and happened across this little gem: MostPopularNailPolish. Yes, it’s true. According to (and hey, they must know, what with such a pretty URL and all) the most popular color in nail polish is something called “I’m Not Really a Waitress.”

Ok, call me a cook instead. Just please don’t paint me a pretty pinkish coppery color and call me Brian, ok?

Until next manicure…


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