Misfortune Teller No 1

MisfortuneTellerNo1, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

Here’s another one from the Renaissance Festival. This guy was a “misfortune” teller, dressed in full garb, complete with a little booth he walked around with and a peculiar silver piece of jewelry on his finger. He mis-read tarrot cards and had a shiny ball he peered into for a spell.

We actually talked with him long enough to see him tell the “misfortune” of a fairie princesses. It was pretty funny.

I always like it when people smile when they have their picture taken. I guess it makes for nice pictures. I like it even more when they tell jokes, because, well it makes me laugh. This guy was a crack up.

I’d love to submit this to JPGMAG, PhotoFriday or one of those other topical photo entry sites, under the category of “bizarre.” I think it fits, don’t you? Unfortunately, they’ll probably never have a topic quite like that one.

Hey, it’s friday. What did you expect? (Sorry, I already used my pink elephant shots last week and I’m saving the midgets on a tricycle shot for a special occassion.)

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