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The Horse’s Name is Diego

I didn’t stop to ask the rider’s name, although he was nice enough to walk (well, make Diego walk, he just sort of sat there) past us after the show to let us get a couple of close-ups of Deigo’s face.

He also did, at some point, manage to knock the “Green Warrior” off his horse. Nobody was really sure if that was supposed to happen or not (we think not) but, it’s kind of an assumption here, everybody knows jousting, even in modern times, can be a bit dangereous. That and the horses do tend to kick up a lot of dirt. So, my word to the wise from this adventure is, “remember, if you decide to attend a jousting match, bring some baby wipes, wear your sunglasses, and watch out for low flying dust clouds.” I was prepared and got a tidy shot of Diego, his rider, and the white flag as a result.

Speaking of dust and dirt, my Mother has seen it fit to order top soil for our gardens. This would normally not be a monumental news flash but, somehow, in a screw up at the manure factory (most people say, “I hate it when that happens” and don’t really mean it…not this time!) she ended up with like 5 bags of what we in Texas like to call “dillo dirt” costing a wopping $450. In homage to WC Fields or perhaps Jerry Lee Lewis, I’ll just go on record as saying, “man, there’s a whole lotta shaking going on at that manure factory.”

Me, on the other hand, got a modest “two bagger” clocking in at $150. I feel so lucky. I think.

Well, let’s just agree that there’s a whole lot less crap roaming the wilds of Cedar Park and leave it at that.

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