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Joust for the Fun of it

Here’s another one from the Renaissance Festival this weekend. I really like the look of the lensbaby, the Renaissance Festival colors, and characters in combination.

All that and Steve tells me that this picture makes him dizzy.

Still, there was something about those horses. I kept shooting and shooting them, finding myself oddly drawn to the colors of the saddles, breechings, and harnesses. Something about those people and horses in those costumes.

I think that going to a fair like this is a great place to take pictures. For one thing, I don’t feel so self-conscious about carrying a camera (a lot of people do.) A lot of the folks are dressed in costume and don’t mind having their pictures taken. It makes for easy shooting. I don’t feel like I’m invading anyone’s personal space and it’s a bit less hostile than the normal “street photography” that sometimes happens. Chircel, one of the ladies I went with said it best, “once you get ‘shot down’ and somebody says ‘no’ when you ask if you can take their picture, you have to build up courage to shoot again on the street, but not really here at the fair.” (I’m paraphrasing but that’s pretty close to what she said.)

That and the colors and imagry are just really cool. Is it wrong to want to take images that are “cool” which maybe don’t carry much artistic merit?

Probably so, but that won’t stop me from doing it (and making people dizzy in the process.)

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