GuitarPlayer, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

Ok, so maybe he’s not really playing the guitar, but that’s what I called him. I think he’s kind of cute, in a bard-ish sort of way. I do believe that he’s a professional who performed at the Renaissance Festival.

The festival I attended was called the Excalibur Fantasy Faire. You can find out more by clicking through.

Chricel tells me that we missed golf ball sized hail the day we went to the faire. Phew! I’d hate to be a bard when stuff like that starts hitting the ground. It’s hard to wax poetic about giant falling ice balls.

The horses were covered, so that’s a good thing. Still I bet there was at least one “me lord, me ladies, and me GOD IT’s LARGE HAILSTONES! RUN!” incidents after we left.

Stay for the jousting leave when the real battle begins. There’s a great motto for you.

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