Another Fine Day

Another Fine Day

Saturday was raining and horrible in River City but I guess I shouldn’t really complain. Rumor has it that, back east, they’ve gotten a horrible blizzard and are stuck, sometimes literally up to their elbows, in snow. When compared to snow, rain is good. (I guess Mac folks would like snow because, well, it’s WHITE.)

Yesterday was nice outside. It was go outside and take some pictures nice, so I did. I shot with the digital rebel and the lensbaby a bit, of course, playing behind some Plexiglas. I can’t ever leave things alone, no, I always have to throw one more item into the mix. It’s not enough to use a lensbaby, a digital camera, some Plexiglas, no I have to mix everything up into one big bundle and see what falls out.

I got this funny email from Kathy that basically said, “the sun’s out and I’m running around like a maniac. I want to photograph the Texas coast at sunset tonight.” The only thing I can say is, “Run, Kathy Run! Go! Fly like the wind!” I hope she has enough wind in her sails, enough gas in her tank, and enough blank CompacFlash for the maximum amount of fun one person could possibly have.

I managed to complete the digital workflow for email this weekend and spread 2 images around the web like a bad computer virus. I also managed to get a new router that will, hopefully, work with the Mac (it *should* crap it was made by Apple.) I also caved and got myself a stand for the printer. Hopefully, the printer will actually fit onto it.

In other, funny news, I tried sticking one of the “gold” CD’s into the Mac and it didn’t like it. It didn’t spit out the CD and now the CD’s just in there. I can’t predict many things but, somehow, I can predict that I’m going to have more than my fair share of fun trying to get that gold CD back out again.

I guess maybe I should know better. It wasn’t, afterall, a WHITE “gold” CD.

Lastly, in the “don’t say I didn’t warn you” category, it may not be too long before I’m able to post images here. Don’t be surprised if, one day soon, you stop back here and wind up looking at some pretty flowers or something.

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