Oooh, Ahhh, a Net-Gasm

Ok, so call me a geek. Over the weekend, I went out and purchased an Apple Airport Extreme base station. I was having so many problems with the old 802.11B Netgear router, getting it to talk to the iMac and hand out nice DHCP information all pretty and encrypted, the way I like it. So, tonight, I hunkered down, thinking that it would be a long night, and I would spend the better half of it fighting with the Gods of wireless routing (and, it goes without saying, losing. Or, at least, having to sacrifice small animals and many network packets in the ensuing battle royale.)

So, I unpack this thing and I’m thinking, “great. I bought a shrink-wrapped Frisbee. There’s no way this’ll ever work.” I start to plug it in when the phone rings. It was an old friend and we chatted for a while. Then the doorbell rang. It was Steve coming to save me from my Ethernet Hell. Next the dog had to go out. Then we noticed that my neighbors net was named DeathASaurus something or other, which made me laugh. (Once I start laughing, all hope is, in fact, lost.)

In the middle of it all, the router ORB (as I now call it) just started working. It’s like this cute little ORB that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Even Steve had to comment on it (“Damn, it’s fast.” It didn’t even warrant a “crap” from Steve, he went right for the “big guns” as it were.)

The little ORB is fast. And it works. It’s fast, it works, it’s cute, and, like a little mini Buddha sitting in the middle of my desk, I get this strange comfortable feeling when I pat it’s belly. And I’m not even done playing with it yet. Tomorrow we move onto wireless print serving.

Oh, and, did I mention it’s WHITE?

Until next time…


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