I’d Say “Crap!” but it’s Friday

I’d Say “Crap!” but it’s Friday

In “crap that’s really, really scary and I just don’t want to think about it” news, the actress with the husky voice, who played the Cannasta-playing murderer on last week’s CSI is returning to television to star next week in an episode of Law and Order. Great, so now they are getting alien life forms to play DA’s because, well, they just keep killing off the old ones. (Remember Alex?) Or, horror of horrors, even worse, maybe she’s going to play a murderer on Law and Order too. Run! Run from your TiVo’s!

It’s true that Jerry Orbach played, on the first episode of Law and Order, a defense attorney. Yes, it’s true, before he brought to life and single handedly defined the snarky NYC Detective, Lenny Briscoe, he was a lawyer.

And, speaking of “crap,” (I did say “lawyer”) my friend Steve says “Crap!” a lot. He told me one time he used to work in a Catholic hospital of some kind and wasn’t allowed to curse, so he trained himself to say “crap” instead. You can tell how hard it’s hitting the fan when he uses more than one “crap” in a row-stringing them together in some sort of sick “crappy” daisy chain of spew. For example, “Crap! Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap!” is probably a situation that’s a lot worse than, say, “Crap! I forgot…” There’s also the time between “Crap!”-s that’s somewhat indicative of how bad things really are.

And, speaking of “friends,” (I did say “Steve”) I’m slated to see my old friend Rainey this weekend. She’s “still playing music, still living off the grid, and still very Hippie-esque, in a Baroque sort of way” (whatever this means, I’m sure she’ll explain more this weekend.) I’m looking forward to this weekend, except that I have a lot of “crap” to do and, well, it’s only two days long.

Crap, it’s Friday. Were you expecting some kind of mind blowing, hysterically funny tome explaining the meaning of life, the universe, and everything? So sorry, all you got was a bunch of “crap.”

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