Horse Killing Antics

Horse Killing Antics

I went for lunch with a friend today. We went to Kirby Lane, a local favorite restaurant in Austin. They have a good selection of natural and veggie type foods as well as some stuff that’ll just kill you. I had enchiladas; they were cheese with pico on top and guacamole on the side. Very good, in fact, as far as enchiladas go.

So, I get back from lunch, the food coma starts to set in, and I’m thinking that, if I don’t so something, and I mean something fast, I’m going to fall asleep on my Z key. So, I decide to get up and go get a soda from the cafe down the hall.

Was this ever a mistake. They had a spread of food in there, including baked goods, brownies, and chips, not to mention entire uneaten sandwiches. Phew! I was lucky to get out of there alive and with only a caffeinated beverage in tow. As I was walking out, I said to somebody walking in, “be careful in there. There’s enough food to kill a horse.”

In hindsight, I would imagine it would take a lot of food to kill a horse, but I bet you could do it. I bet you could, if you were really up for the challenge, kill a horse with food, despite the fact that they have skinny legs and are not known for overeating. Still, it makes me wonder, I mean, where did they come up with this expression anyway? “To kill a horse…” it just sounded odd at the time but I guess now it makes sense.

At least, it makes enough sense to make me want to kill a brownie or two down the hallway.

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