Get Down, Boogie Woogie Baby

Get Down, Boogie Woogie Baby

I was driving in the car the other day and happened upon a rather uneventful event on the Austin landscape. Yes, folks, it’s true, Austin now has it’s very own DISCO radio station. Yes, I said DISCO as in “Saturday Night Fever,” I want to dance all night, Studio 54, Donna Summer, white jumpsuits with chest hair and gold chains. It’s DISCO baby and it’s coming over the airwaves right at you.

In other eventful news, I have recently purchased a “wide body” printer, which means that I can now print 11×14 images at home. I no longer need the services of a photography lab. Yes, it’s true, independence and DISCO go hand-in-hand for me.

When I was younger-a kid in fact- DISCO was popular. I went dancing and enjoyed the nightlife. It was fun while it lasted but-and I honestly feel this way-it’s over and we should just all collectively move on with our lives. The folks at Studio 54 have moved on, the white jumpsuits are all in the back of the closets, the chest hair covered with docker shirts, polos, or T’s that say things like “Punk” instead. It’s no longer the time, the place, the fashion, the tempo of the day to celebrate all things DISCO, just as it’s no longer the time, place, fashion, or tempo to run film anymore. Everybody’s done and gone all digital on us. (Which leads me to my next question. Can you dance across the web?)

I can remember times past. I can remember being at Studio 54. I can remember the white jumpsuits, the gold chains, the radio stations that played stuff like K.C. and the Sunshine Band all day and night. Just because I remember them doesn’t mean I want to relive them. Just because I enjoyed them the first time around doesn’t mean I think there’s a time or place for them in today’s landscape. Sometimes it really is best to let the dinosaurs roam away into the misty sunset.

Boogie woogie should do the right thing, be graceful, take it’s final bow, and move out of Hip Hop’s way.

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