Box Count Zero

Box Count Zero

So sorry to inform that blogger has eaten yesterday’s posting about Christmas. Oh well, I guess it was not to be. I just wish they would actually do something about this stability problem they seem to have. Lately, it seems, blogger has been down or spotty more than it has been available. At least it keeps eating my postings and, as a user, I find this more than a bit annoying. Fix your damned software, blogger people, or the masses will revert to using alternatives.

I just realized that I have yet to make an entry on the status of the boxes. In my “spare time” (ha, yeah right) I’ve managed to empty out and unpack all the boxes I had in the house. I find this more than a bit impressive. The last time I counted, the box count was up at something along the lines of 18 or, well, almost 20. It’s down to zero. Zero, zip, nada, bupkiss (is that really a word?) nil, you know, that integer less than 1.

Heck, I’ve even cleaned out the garage for that matter. I don’t know what this newfound urge to clean, clear, cull has to do with anything but, so far anyway, I’m liking it. I mean, after three years, countless gigs, setting up my home studio, making an office, painting a few rooms, and whatnot, I’ve finally rid myself of clutter and am starting to feel settled. It feels good to actually go through and get rid of all the crap that’s been cluttering up my life. Well, at least it’s good for me. I’m sure, if you asked the garbage men, they’d be of a different opinion. Crap, that crap is heavy.

Oh, glory be, I’ve finally unpacked!

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