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Odds and Ends

It’s not ofte and it’s been a while since I’ve written about odds and ends. These are the summary of all the little things which, when taken alone, are not large enough to warrant a weblog entry of their own, but still fall under that mysterious category I like to call “interesting.”

Have you been watching The Grid on TV? It’s not a bad little series. A little too “MTV-ish” in terms of fast camera cuts and editing I would have to call “too tight” but still it’s rather interesting. I’ve been sort of watching on Monday evenings, especially since it’s on at a convenient timeframe for me to catch it. One high point for me is that there seems to be a few characters who are not so obviously on the side of good/evil. The world likes to spin in shades of grey despite our best attempts at painting the entire universe with one single brush stroke of black or white.

Next up on the list, found thisLink link on the new craze in NY called cuddling. It’s where grown people (my age even) dress up in their PJs and crawl into bed with each other, after first getting on the ground and “mooing” like cows. A bit odd, don’t you think? But, this is the same city that gave us the cosmo so, I suppose, anything is possible. Eat, drink, and be merry my friends. Somebody has to rely upon you being weird and you’ve got a big burden to carry, for you have to support enough “weirdness” for all of us. Thank goodness for folks like Alice Cooper who can help out in the pinch.

Went to Cool River Cafe for lunch today. Was actually pretty good food, I had some sort of chicken taco-y dish. The salsa was ok and the chicken was smoked to perfection. Now I can say I’ve actually been inside the place, as the last time I was there, I went for the September 11th tribute hour, hopped the fence, and sat on the patio.

I still haven’t ordered memory for my PC. Need to do that this afternoon before I forget yet again.

I’m really craving a moca-latte-ish type of fru fru drink but can’t have one because I just opened up a can of coke and I’ve had way too much lunch. I’m stuffed. Another food item and I think I’ll just explode. *poof*

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