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Bad Blogger, No Links

Before I was typing away at a reasonably good posting when, poof, out of the blue, blogger ate my message. It’s not often that blogger swallows whole my daily positing, in fact, it’s happened only a few times since I’ve been posting on this site. It happens so infrequently, I almost feel cause for celebration when it does occur. Whoo Hoo! Blogger ate my posting. Now I won’t lose any files for another six whole months! Woot! Or, um, something like that.

It did happen when I was trying to add a link to my posting. Perhaps I should try to add a link now and see what happens. Here goes. (If you are reading this, I was probably successful, but that doesn’t mean you should count your blessings just yet. I’m sure something will blow up and you will blame it all on me soon enough.)

Here is the linkLink

Hmm. It seems blogger is taking my link but it’s acting mighty weird about it. Ok. So, like I was saying.

These (read the link) are the CD spinners that I put together this weekend. They are rather cute, although they do look a little different from the picture in question. My original posting was something along the lines of me being tired from putting together all the CD spinners, hanging a mirror and some hanging vases, and doing a lot of WORK this weekend, as opposed to the high-tech stuff I do all week. Sigh. Now you’ll never know exactly how good my coffee was this morning, for this too, was the subject of my now deleted web log entry. But, you can comfort yourself in knowing that the great bit bucket in the sky now has a new found appreciation for a good cup of coffee, and it’s probably being stored right next to that file you lost but really needed.

Maybe the good folks at the great googly moogly should start a new category. “I’ll take stuff I tried to blog about but you wouldn’t let me for $400 please, Alex.”

“Oh crap! Don’t click THAT button…”

Until next time…

(or maybe this time depending on how the button clicks go.)


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