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It’s the Status Quo

Here’s my latest status:

I still have a lot of boxes I did not go through or empty out. I fixed the drapery in my front bedroom, after patching the wall, and it all looks good now. I just have to move my computer in there and unload stuff into the bookcase. My photography room is still a mess, but it’s getting better.

Current plans are to move the computer desk into the front room and then use the old office as a sort of box central. I’ll then start going through the boxes and finish unpacking. The photograph room can also be emptied of boxes and setup. If all goes well, I could have my stuff setup in a week or two. This would mean that I would have the photography room setup, the office setup, and the box room almost cleared. I can then switch the old office into a home gym, purchase some hardware for working out, and I’ll finally be moved in.

I can hardly wait. It’s been a fun three years, but it’s finally time to start getting my crap in order and moving into my house, I really feel like I want to know where everything is and I’m sick of looking at boxes wondering what’s inside.

I think I’m suffering from having too many bedrooms and not enough energy. Sigh.

On an entirely different note, Steve has started his new gig today. I won’t IM him (because it’s RUDE to IM people when they are busy working) but I’ll send him an email later on to see how it was. I’m hoping all went well for him.

Apologies for the boring “cheese sandwich” of a blog, but that’s the state of affairs, the current status quo, the price of tea in China, and all the other cliches you can think of that fit.

Until next time…


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