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I’m Still OFF work and ON vacation

At the sound of the beep, please leave your name and number and (maybe) I’ll blog back at you.


Mohinder writes, “Kalim (perhaps) is in Pakistan! Any day next week except for Tuesday and Wednesday would work for me.”

Carol’s Little World responds…

Woot! I’m finally going to try the Texican cafe. Am told this is El Paso Tex-Mex at near it’s best. Yeah, yeah, I’ve been in the Lone Star State long enough to know what that means and how that’s different from Chuy’s or a more “Austin-y” Tex-Mex. Yum. Can’t wait to go for lunch with Moninder, Manzoor, and maybe some other folks from Sun, Tivoli, or whoever else happens along. We can’t be particular, it’s still Tex-Max, right?


Kanchan writes, “I am in Dallas going through my Second Trimester. Baby is expected in December.”

To which Medway responds, “You’re spawning? Oh no….”

Carol’s Little World resonds…

Um, I’m not going to respond to THAT one. Ok, Ok, maybe enough to say, “hey, congrats Kanchan! I hope you weren’t planning on naming the baby after Ken. Or, um (it goes without saying) Medway.”

Do I get to deport Medway to Oklahoma if the migas are not up to snuff? Think he’d even survive north of the Red River? I doubt it. They have locals up there who speak English and freely wear mullets. Although, I’m told, they sometimes shoot at cats. Here kitty, kitty….

Until next time…


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