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It dawned upon me the other day that, while I continue to talk of several folks, probably some of the folks reading this don’t know everybody here. While it’s true that not all that many people read this website, I thought it would be interesting to introduce the regular odd lot of folks I blog about.

Most of the folks in my little world can trace their origins back to where I first encountered them at work. You could, if you were ambitious, even divide folks up along these lines. Let’s see, there’s the X-Arrowsmith people, the X-Tivoli people, the X-Ci2i-ers, and even some (although few) current-Sun folks. Some folks (Mohinder, for example) cross these boundaries (he’s X-Arrowsmith, X-Tivoli and Sun) while others just don’t fall into the “work-related” pool, but this is still a good place to start.

Arrowsmith gave us: HIM (of course), Kalim, Mohninder (1st of many, you could say), one and a half Bills, Mark (mad Russian friend), Matt, Adi, and a few others.

Tivoli gave me: Steve, not even the Steve in “it’s a Steve-friendly place”, Mohinder (again), Manzoor, Medway, Sully, Adi (again), Oliver, Carolyn, Sam, and Billy (the other half of the one in Arrowsmith.)

Bill, Billy, and William really confuses things a bit, as I have picked up more than my fair share. There’s Bill from Kerberos-land, Bill from Arrowsmith, Billy Gee, who thankfully prefers “Billy,” and I think I’ve even added a new Bill from Sun. Very confusing, thankfully it’s your job to keep them straight. (At Tivoli, house rules were that no “John’s were allowed” therefore, Medway became Medway and Sully became “Sully” despite both bearing the first name “John” This rather handy little practice has also spilled over into Carol’s Little World. Now if only we could do something about the Bills. But then, I guess that’s what most people say and the end of the month, right?)

Ci2i has probably landed the most “fodder” in Carol’s Little World, including:

Ken – Mr. Kiss-Army fan aka bowling organizer aka person most likely to marry Kanchan if she ever got divorced.

Reed – Mr. Graphics aka “I hate Kanchan”

Medway – an X-Tivoli re-run who also falls into the category of “I hate Kanchan” having once asked her, “didn’t they deport you yet?”

Ted- Mr. I hate Medway (although, I’m told, there’s a truce in the works) and the used car salesman everybody loves to hate.

Kanchan – AKA “everybody hates me except for Ken and he wants to marry me. Gulp.” Also known as Kanch-a-roni, Ken’s Girl, the Kanch, or just K in some circles.

There’s a few others from Ci2i: Luke (AKA “Luka my friend”) Phil, Cat, Jennifer, Robert, and others.

Current Sun folks include:

Manzoor (again), Jonathan, Bill (there’s another one) Paul, Kalim (again) and Gregg.

From outside of work, there’s Kathy, my photographer friend, Karen, my neighbor, and several other folks from the photo group who sometimes get a nod. There’s also some family, most noteably Ellen (my sister), Terry and Peter, my cousins, and, if you haven’t been completely baffled by now, I also have an Aunt Carol (two actually, one from my father and one from my mother’s side of the family.) That should be enough Carol’s to stack the deck, right?

Apologies to anybody I may have left out. Except for some folks about the house including the alians, who keep promising to land in my front yard and play cannasta, and the neekid man in the back who, in case you could not guess, was intentionally left out (with good reason too!)

“Hey, you, yeah, you, Bill #49. Put yer pants on and go play cards with the alians on the front lawn. I think one of them is named Kanchan and she has the hots for you.”

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