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It’s that old Cliche of Summer

Today I was talking with somebody and I said, “it’s like he cut off his nose to spite his face.” We all resort to cliches. We can’t help it. We should just accept that it’s a part of our nature to use them in our speaking, but we don’t. We use them but don’t accept it. Kind of like verbal guilty pleasures. Some folks, like me, even make comments about this. We start off conversations by saying things like, “I hate to use that old cliche but…”

Sometimes old cliches grow so old, they become new again. Like bellbottom pants hippy ponchos, or brightly colored tights, they come back into style ever 20 years or so. I used one of those today too, “it’s like he bought his own coffin nails.” I’m just so full of cliches today. Like I’ve chosen to accept my guilty pleasure, sit down, and actually enjoy my verbal bon bon.

On an entirely less boring, no, hackneyed theme, today’s question of the day is: Is romance really dead?

Yes, it’s true, I’ve been watching too much Sex and the City. Yes, it’s true that the Sex Girls (as I call them, since I don’t really quite know their names yet) are preoccupied with romance, but I still want to ask the question, as they did, in the first episode.

Is romance really dead? Are we all so tired and busy and boring that we don’t spend any time taking those moonlit walks? Do we forgo the picnics on the comfy blankets in the park for crappy take out so often we’ve forgotten how to pack the picnic basket? Has it really been all that long since we’ve strolled barefoot on the beach with the “significant other?”

Perhaps romance is just not politically correct anymore. There used to be a time when we could make jokes, make smalltalk, or just talk to each other without the fear of a lawsuit. Now, it seems, there are so many minorities and everybody’s so easily offended, it’s made us all so afraid to say anything to anybody. But, don’t you wonder what we’re missing? Don’t we all have a yearning for the “good old days” when we could crack a joke?

So this guy walks into a bar….

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