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It’s the Fear of Blogging

The other day, I was talking with somebody and he said he would email me a response. A few hours later, I got an email that started out, “At the risk of ended up on your weblog…” I was rather surprised that he even knew I had a weblog, let alone I would consider blogging about the topic at hand (although, I guess, in hindsight, I just did, didn’t I?)

Yesterday, we were playing a new (well, new to us) game called Starfarers of Catan. The game itself is like Settlers of Catan only it appears to be set in space, which each player getting a rocket ship to act as a “mother ship” and several pieces and parts you can either add to your “mother ship” or move around the board. The parts were items like boosters, rings, and cannons. As we’re playing, one of my co-workers commented that, aside from the pieces all looking quite phallic, “I can see a blog about this. How men like to play board games with phallic parts and pieces.”

Has everybody around me gotten so afraid of my seldom read weblog that they won’t actually talk to me anymore? Is everybody really destined to end up “blogger fodder” in Carol’s Little World? This is a strange side effect I had not considered. Truth be told, my weblog isn’t really read all that often and most of the folks who read it are probably the same set of folks I write about (maybe, apart from HIM who, I suspect, doesn’t really know he’s HIM.)

It reminds me of that old Carly Simon song, “You’re so vein, you probably think this song is about you…” or perhaps that old wise saying, “I have no fear of falling, I just hate hitting the ground.” You should have no fear of landing in any kind of web infamy because that sort of presupposes there’s a certain amount of “fame” involved here and, well, I just don’t think it’s all that. Somehow, I can’t see mother’s hiding their children’s faces from the likes of anybody on this website. In the grand scheme of things, with the war in Iraq, people being beheaded, Usama Bin Laden, late night TV, Brittney Spears, heck even that guy who fell out of American Idol, William Hung, this website just isn’t up there on the scale of pop cultural icons.

At least, I hope it isn’t.

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