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Phew! That was Close

Several friends are now looking for jobs. Right this second, they are off interviewing, sending resumes in bulk, phone screening, and the like. Interesting thing is that many of them keep sending me postings saying things like, “you should apply for this. It looks like something you want to do.” I’ve come across a few job postings recently that do look quite interesting, although I’m not really looking. Why is it that we always seem to happen upon things when we’re not really looking? Just makes for interesting thoughts, doesn’t it? I mean, how do we explain, in the great cosmos of life, the concept of serendipity?

I’ve got plans in place, and I am thinking about the future, but it’s not here yet and so, my current state of mind is to “be prepared.” I’m trying to hard to be steady, stay the course, enjoy the ride, be constant. Even so, folks are tempting me from afar, sending email with events, and making me stop to rethink things. I’m sort of at a crossroads and, the scary part is that, the future and the success of my destination depends, in part anyway, on the choices I make in the next few months.

Every opportunity that I pass up, makes me stop and think how closer I am to making a move without really giving it any thought. Sure I’m somewhat determined but I can’t help but be tempted by what’s flying by, across my radar. It’s really becoming an interesting time.

On a completely unrelated topic, tomorrow night is Jerry Orbach’s last night on Law and Order. They are moving him to a new show, Law and Order/Trial and Jury (or some such thing.) It should be a really interesting move, I can’t wait to see how it’s going to play out. Kind of shocking if you think about it but it also fascinates me how, even old stale “salty dog” things seem jarring in the face of change.

Reminds me of that line from the Bowie song, “time changes everything but I can’t trace time.” All I can do is look back, upon missed opportunities, and ponder.

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