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Too Tired to Blog Today

I had such a busy weekend that I’m almost too tired to blog today. On Saturday, I had an old friend over in the afternoon, we chatted for what seemed like hours before he had to split. Then, later in the afternoon, I had some friends/co-workers over to play Catan. The game was kind of fun, although a bit anti-climatic (seeing as I won and all. And won by saying something like, “I think I’m at 10 points now.”)

On Sunday, Steve came over to work on some projects and I also had a tribe in from the neighborhood to view my house. Seems that somebody ’round the way has a friend who is interested in buying my model and they happened upon my folks who said they could go talk a “walking tour” of my house. My back was really bothering me on Sunday so the tribe (as I call them) went without me, while I sprawled out on my mothers back bench, trying to stretch out my pains.

The back pain is almost gone today, although I can almost feel a hint of it and, I believe, I’m still not walking quite right. Charlie slept on me last night and aggravated it a bit. Although I think I finally (unfortunately) found a way of getting even. Late Saturday night, I rolled over in my (almost) sleep and sent poor Charlie flying. He flew off the bed, hit the trunk at the end of the bed, and landed (softly) on the floor. I felt really bad, seeing as he’s been feeling a bit under the weather and he seems almost like he’s taking ill lately. He appeared to weather the ‘cross the room fling without too much harm and still managed to snuggle onto my pillow last night so, I guess, all is well in Charlie-land. We’ll just have to keep an eye out to make sure he’s ok.

It’s kind of almost funny how so much can happen in one weekend and yet, somehow, I don’t feel like anything did happen. It still feels like it was uneventful, although I do feel quite refreshed and much more even tempered. For all that happened, or maybe didn’t happen, perhaps didn’t feel like it happened, I do feel like I was “away” for a few days, even though I spent most of it at home and much of it sprawled out on the bed or couch trying to fix the old aching back.

I suppose, if I had to sum up the entire weekend in a few syllables, it would have to be “a nice mental break.” Which, while making me tired, is still better than “a nice mental breakdown.”

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