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Cures for the Common Malaise

Steve has IM-ed me this link, which is rather psychedelic if you stare at it for any amount of time. He’s also emailed me a rather funny URL about somebody who out-scamed an EBAY scammer. Very long, but interesting reading. Perhaps Ted should go into business selling T-shirts, and other casual attire, imprinted with the phrase, “I scammed MyNameisJohn and all I got was this lousy P-P-P-Powerbook.” It would supplement his income from the vending machines at least.

Norah Jones is coming to the Backyard. What an interesting concert that would be. I bet she’s as great in concert as she is on record. I can almost imagine a nice, quiet evening out under the stars.

The latest thing at work appears to be small magnetic construction type sets. A few folks have and play with them regularly, while others want them. Not really my speed, they just don’t do it for me. I’m happy with my stereo, my PostIts, and my little coffee pot, down the end of the hallway.

Steve has also IM-ed me today to inform me that he’s started boning up on his Java skills, in preparation for the certification exam. He’s one step ahead of me, although we’ve agreed to meet on Sunday for review sessions. It’s going to be hard, frankly, keeping up, as I’ve always been the lazier of the two of us. He’s passed on the gig at IBM which, I think, is a good thing. After six years at that place, he should just call it quits and move on. Cut your losses and find higher ground, my friend, Steve.

How many brother’s did Snoopy from Peanuts have? I know of Spike, the beagle out in Needles (the desert) and Olauf, the attorney with the briefcase, by memory fails and I can’t help but think there’s another I can remember. Ah, Lucy, here’s a nickel for your thoughts, lil’ sister.

Today’s quote: “You just can’t stop negative thinking. Or thinking negatively. Or being negative about thinking. Something like that.”

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