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He’s Baaaaack

Today, on the Blogs of Note appears an entry for Andy Kaufman Returns. Rather interesting story, in case you have not been following it, the comedian, Andy Kaufman once said that he would fake his own death, only to return 20 years to the day. He even gave a date for his return. On the chosen date, several true believers gathered together, threw a party, and…well you’ll just have to read the blogger and follow the story in the media. It’s just a little too wild for Carol’s Little World. (I guess you could say that my world, while actually growing quite large, is not big enough for the genius of Andy Kaufman, the man on the moon, or the bad Elvis impersonator who showed up at the party.) Sigh. It’s all part of the strange oddities you might find on the web.

I’ll leave you with an interesting quote, from the website, “But why do we always need proof? Sometimes you’ve just gotta believe, if only for the sake of believing itself.” Right on, Andy. Or, um, whoever you may happen to be.

This sort of thing kind of reminds me of the X Files. Speaking about all things X File, I happened upon an old re-run last night. I was watching Jerry Orbach’s departure from Law and Order then switched the channel to happen upon an old X File Re-run. It was already dark and I was already tired, so I switched it off to some news program, set the sleep timer, and nodded off to sleep.

Still, I can’t help but wonder…what if? What if that was one of the episodes X File that explained in part the Smoking Man and his true relationship with Scully? What if that was the episode where Mulder found his sister? Wouldn’t it be a wildly grand conspiracy if the government blocked the original airing of the X Files, only to reveal the truth in late night re-runs, which, subsequently, nobody watched?

If you believe the X Files, then you too must have faith in the motto: “The truth is out there.” But, if the true is indeed, as they say, “out there” then how do we really know it’s not fully explained in late-night television? I mean, technically speaking, isn’t late night TV really “out there?”

Maybe Andy Kaufman stayed home for 20 years and watched a lot of late night TV?

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