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39 Degrees

Everyday I bring a bagel to work. Everyday, I toast my bagel and bring it back to my desk. And everyday, I check out CNN.com while I’m eating. Sounds routine, sounds dull, sounds boring, I know, but that’s life inside of Carol’s Little World. So today I hope on over to cnn.com and come across a story about Jerry Orbach leaving Law & Order. What?!? How could this be?!?

When it gets cold in River City (as it sometimes does) I always joke about the 40 degree mark. If it gets below 40 degrees, I cease to exist. “Equador,” I tell people, “I’m moving to Equador. It must be warm there. It has something close to ‘equador’ embedded in the name of the country.” If Jerry leave Law & Order, I think too I shall cease to exist. I mean, what’s Law & Order without Jerry. It’d be like rice without white. It’d be like Starsky without Hutch. It’d be like Mick without Keith or John without Paul. It’d be like the Pope without Catholicism. It just wouldn’t make any sense at all. It would be the end of the world as I know it and I wouldn’t feel fine. It’d be like Must Fix TV or something.

My favorite Law & Order comment came from the guy with the frying pan. “Damn! Woman’s got aim!” he said. Now that was a funny episode. Although I’m really not quite sure how many ex-wives Briscoe does indeed have (we know it’s at least one.) Current talk is to have the Briscoe’s character head up a spin off of some kind. I suppose, as long as he’s around, the show must somehow go on. Still, it feels a little like its 39 degrees outside, I mean, I don’t want to be around when he leaves NY and heads off to a new Law & Order, do you?

I’m almost done with my tile floors. I am finishing up doing the sealer on the grout. I’ve got one coat of sealer on almost everything. Just need a few touch ups. After I finish this, I can finally finish getting my house back together and then start looking at hardwood floors and other things I want to do. What fun. Put it back, tear it down, put it back. I’m like a human yo-yo. Much like Jerry running back and forth between Law & Order sets, I suppose.

Today’s Friday, you didn’t expect anything too thought provocing, did you? Geesh. Next Friday maybe I’ll talk about pizza and beer. Just for fun.

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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