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Of Peace, Politics, and War

Sometime last year, it dawned on me. I never seem to talk of politics in my web log. Maybe it’s because I’m not a very political person, maybe it’s because I really don’t want to share my viewpoints, maybe it’s because I think that, deep down inside, you really don’t care. I suppose on some level I’m afraid to share for fear of being reproached. Somehow though, over the course of time, the talk of politics has been tacitly banished from Carol’s Little World.

Leave ’em Guessing is something they sometimes say to performers. Conceptually, it’s suggested that performers leave a little off the table. That they hold back just a tad, just enough to wet the appetite. It’s something artists and performers feel comfortable with, in as much as they can carve out a small hold back. I suppose this talk of politics is my inhibition. Maybe, on some level, I find it too polarizing, and I’m just not a polarizing kind of girl (either photographically or otherwise.)

Being an artists and an outspoken sort, I’m sure there are those who know me who feel I’m totally liberal. In a way, they are correct. I’m very liberal on a social level. This does not; however, imply that I lean politically to the left.

Then there are those who know me from my interests in finance and business, or through one of my many programming/technology jobs. These folks probably view me as conservative. There’s a strong sentiment a, “she follows the market, she must be Republican” notion that exists on Wall Street. To which I respond, “Wall Street, it’s like a whole ‘nother country. Perhaps one that should be invaded by reason.”

As is usual, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. I suppose, if I were forced to “pick one” I would have to say I was a libertarian, as my basic belief system stems from the fact that, deep down inside, I distrust the government. For they are the men who bare witness to the nine hundred dollar hammer and the multi-thousand dollar toilet seat, I shall place trust no longer in thee. I am not; however, the type who hides off in the woods with stockpiles of ammo awaiting the end of the known universe. (I have been told some libertarians do this, and that, forevermore, the City of Waco, TX shall be referred to as “we ain’t comming out.”)

The latest events of the 9/11 conference have me befuddled. Each party is up there trying to point the finger at the next. It’s a sort of round robin, “he did it!” to which I do not care to spectate.

Hasn’t anybody tried something new, like pointing the finger to Al Queda for 9/11? Or would that be more expensive and less believable than a $900 hammer?

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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