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Bad Ass Tribe

Today I am wearing my Bad Ass Tribe: Doesn’t Play Well with Others shirt and somebody finally noticed it. I was talking with a fellow from work and he said, “Bad ass tribe, doesn’t play well with others…shouldn’t we all have a shirt like that?” It’s true, very true. Lots of disgruntled folks out in River City these days. And lots of folks who can legitimately wear a “bad ass tribe” shirt.

I got the shirt in New Mexico or Arizona, on a visit out west. I remember seeing it hanging in a store thinking, “hmm. Why isn’t anybody buying these? This would make a much better gift then a shirt that simply says ‘Sedona’ or some other touristy shirt.” I wear it a lot and it often goes unnoticed. Actually, it seldom gets noticed, which again I find rather astounding, seeing as it’s blatently obvious and it’s blant that I’m making a point loud and clear when I wear it. But folks somehow just don’t think it applies to them, I suppose. Same could be said of my Tweety bird sweatshirt which says, “Go Away and Stay There!”

Come to think of it, I have a lot of shirts with attitude, many of which do not get noticed. I buy them a lot and value them greatly. It’s easy to be quiet and just let your wardrobe speak for you. And mine sometimes shouts. Art Can’t Hurt You, is another one of my favorites. Boroque: when you are out of Monet the hits just keep on coming. Whoever makes up T-shirts should just overdose on attutide and then I would buy them out of stock.

Hey, don’t laugh. It beats banishing yourself to Ecuador (as Ken points out, I’ve been spelling it all wrong all these years. Ken, just for you, I’m going to run out and get myself a shirt with my favorite saying. No, sorry it’s not “I can’t spell” but rather Byte Me .

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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