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What is it about Tex-Mex? Pass the migas.

Ok. I give up. What is it about Tex-Mex food that attracts people? I mean, it’s greasy and fattening. It’s cheap. Oh wait…I get it. Nevermind. Pass the migas, ok?

Seriously. It’s been a while since I’ve been out and enjoyed a margarita that I did not blend myself. I’ll have to go. Craig’s going away party was probably the last I partook (is that a word? Hmm. Nevermind. It’s my blog and we’ve already established that I can makeup words if I want to. And I want to. Sometimes. When the moon is full and the migas are HOT. Or the ‘ritas are cold. Yeah, it’s probably safe to blame it on the ‘ritas.) But, Craig has made it to San Fran and I still have not had another margarita. Hmmm. Time to go a drinkin’.

There’s something about Tex-Mex restaurants that get me. Probably because we did not have them back east. Sure we had some, but they aren’t the same. Heck, I even saw one in England. London I believe. In Kenningston. The rich area. Strange to say the least. I mean, what are rich snobby folks in England doing eating Tex-Mex and drinking ‘ritas? It’s greasy, fattening, and nothing like authentic British food. Oh wait….I get it. Pass the migas, mum. Been kind of slow today. Not really, just in my head. :~)

I wonder who picks the colors in the restaurant? Does bright pink really go with orange, yellow, blue, and red? If you have enough ‘ritas do all the colors blend together? Is that why they sell swirls? Oh wait….I get it. Nevermind. Pass the Migas, ok? Does anybody actually wear a sombrero? Probably not, eh?

And…what exactly IS in a miga? Is it really just eggs? How’s it different from a western omlette? I mean, it’s just hot sauce, eggs, and tortillas, right? Oh wait. I get it….Nevermind. Pass the migas, ok?

Huevos Rancheros para todos! And to all a good miga.

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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