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When I was a Kid

The other day, I was surfing the web and I happened across a site that started out with the words, “when I was a kid….” It just go me thinking about how that’s such a loaded phrase. Most folks have a lot of baggage from when they were younger, but they always seem to resort to saying, at some point in their adult lives, “when I was a kid….” (or “when I was young….” or any suitable substitute.) So, here’s my blogger.

1. When I was a kid….I had a dog named Sandy. We got him when I was 4 and had him for long time. I named him Sandy because he was the color of sand and, at the age of 4, I thought that was a cool name.

2. When I was a kid…you could not buy records easily. And there were NO CDs. You’d wait to hear music on the radio, trek down to the record store, with your hard earned allowance, only to find they were out of whatever and had loads of something you didn’t really want but will take because you do not want to go home empty-handed. True this is.

3. When I was a kid….I lived in Scarsdale, NY and thought the world revolved around NYC and ended at the New Jersey state line. Now I’m an adult and I realize that the world does indeed end at New Jersey. That’s where HELL begins.

4. When I was a kid….Coffee cost $.25 ($.50 at most) and there were no Starbucks. NO Starbucks. Not just “gee, there’s one missing from THAT corner.” They didn’t exist. At all. Not even in Seattle. Or Hell. Where they belong (See #3 in regards to NJ)

5. When I was a kid….I didn’t have a VCR, a video game, and there was no MTV. (Ahem, for you youngins, there was no VH1 either.)

6. When I was a kid….I got good marks in school. I don’t know why but, for some reason, I think that most of my friends now should probably find this surprising, or, at least, really amusing. They probably think I was a flunky. Which I think is funny. Funny how life is, isn’t it?

7. When I was a kid….there was no AIDS. No Crack. No extacsy.

8. When I was a kid….we had a cherry tree in the back yard. I had a swing set. We had two pink dogwoods in the front. You couldn’t play near the side because we had some flowery bush that attracted LARGE BUMBLEBEES. The kind that made you run two blocks to avoid being stung. Now that I’m an adult I can safely say, “they probably like the flowers and weren’t really after ME.” Now that I’m an adult, I live in Texas. Don’t mind the killer bees.

9. When I was a kid…..the Son of Sam was the big terrorist.

10. When I was a kid….I wanted nothing more than to grow up and be “big.” Now that I’m big….well….

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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