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Another Friday Afternoon/Nothing too Deep to Drown Over

Greetings fellow blog readers, another Friday afternoon is upon us. How wonderful and magical can Friday be? Let’s hope this is a good one for all.

Let’s see…I suppose I should catch you up on what’s been going on around Carol’s Little World. I started walking again, since we’ve had some cold fronts move through the area and it’s been nice enough. It will probably turn again next week and leave me exercising in the great air-conditioned unknown of my bedroom. It’s supposed to rain tonight so we’ll see if we can get a walk in before the sky opens up and let’s it rip. I can tell by looking up it’s going to rip off a good one too. It’s already black and “stormy” looking. But, hey, it’s NOT Monday so I suppose it’s alright if it wants to be stormy. In a kind of ironic twist of the blogger, the song “Lightening Crashes” just came on over the headphones. Hmmm. Wonder if there is any great symbolic, omen-like meaning behind this. Probably not, because, hey, it’s Friday. Great symbolism, raw substance, poetic irony, and other heartfelt tenderings always seem to happen on Tuesday afternoons. Anytime other than Friday, which is reserved for non-thinking activities such as tossing beer bottle tops and nearby unsuspecting squirrels. Like the often quoted (in THIS blogger anyway) Cowboy Junkies say, “good news always sleeps ’till noon.” I suppose I could add my corollary, “bad things never happen on Friday.” Well, almost never. If they do, I suppose, the bad feelings don’t hit until Monday afternoon. Life just works that way. It’s neither broken nor understood. And, as long as you have enough beer bottle tops and can out-run the wild life, you still ain’t at the bottom of the stack. So, it’s safe to say, it could be worse.

And, since I’ve exceeded my thought capacitiy for a Friday, I’ll leave you with a quote from the next up on the headphones list of toe-tapping tunes, Smashing Pumpkins, “Today

“Today is the greatest day I’ve ever known.” (What, you weren’t expecting anything DEEP where you? C’mon. It’s FRIDAY!)

To which I add, “at least until tomorrow” and, um, “especially if you are not a squirrel.”

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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