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Now that I’m Dead, I’m Feeling a Bit Better Today Thanks

Since I’ve re-attached my arm. Just kidding. (Actually just checking to see if you were reading carefully :~) Seriously, I want to find one of those “I’m feeling….” “today” graphics for my blogger. I’ve seen them out on the web so I know they exist. If anybody has any clues as to from what site I can blatently steal ^H^H^H^H^H download one from, that’d be great.

It’s been a while since the Ci2i folding, so I’m starting to make plans for the reunion. Details to follow shortly.

I have to clean my house again. It gets dirty quickly and then it becomes difficult. I don’t feel like inviting folks over for anything (like a reunion with 200 people!) when my place looks like a dump. I also need to get the fooz table. Maybe I can fit it in my new car, since it’s a hatch. It’s actually quite roomy inside. You can fit a LARGE BOX into the damn thing, which is nice.

Oh wait, I guess I just broke the first rule of blogging, “no cussing.” Well, SHEEEEET. At least that’s what they say in Texas when you’ve got no arms. Wasn’t there a movie title along those lines? Things to do in Denver when you’re Dead or some such thing? Apologies to the folks in Denver if I have the wrong city. I know it wasn’t Peoria. Nothing ever happens in Peoria. Or Vermont. They should make a Peoria Vermont and call it Capitol of Nowhere. Yup. That’s it. Nothing ever happens here. Could be the motto. Instead of “the lone star state” or “the empire state” or whatever. Kind of like Potsdam, where the unofficial motto was, it’s not the end of the world but you can see it from here.

If they did this, I could make a move and sell postcards. Greetings from Peoria. We’re all DEAD. And I could call the movie Things to do in Peoria Vermont when you’re more dead than the next guy.

Hmm. Have to work on the title of the movie a bit.

Hey, don’t laugh. It’s a gig, right?

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.

BTW, I’m tempted to just go with youngblood for the name of the car.


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