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Greetings from the Middle of the Week

Today is Wednesday. Not Monday but certainly not Friday. Oh how I miss the weekend, especially when it’s been so nice outside and I can enjoy the 80 degree February days. Especially when Sunday is my day to catch up with HIM and see how HE is doing. And the news of late has all been good.

For all of those folks from Ci2i/US Creative, I finally got my W2 yesterday. It arrived safe and sound. So, now you know. If you have not gotten yours yet, I’m certain it’s on the way, in the mail, about to fall in your lap, whatever. I don’t see what folks are making such a fuss about. You do have until the middle of April to pay Uncle Sam, or get a refund if you are one of the lucky few.

I found out today too that I did something I should not have done. I left the blogger window open and went to lunch. I’m told I’m lucky that somebody from work did not sabatoge my blog, seize my terminal, and post all sorts of kinky stuff about me. Or, maybe they have and I have yet to notice. There’s an advantage to living in Carol’s Little World and that is the fact that I get to define my own boundaries. Nobody else has a say in them. So, you see, what might be kinky to the folks I work with might be ordinary to me. Then again, maybe not. It’s all part of the fun of posting a weblog. And you are never certain that it really is me. Anybody could guess the password (since I’ve had the same one for a while now and it’s my old Tivoli password, which they are still using for some production servers.) And I have already blogged about me being my alias and the possible existance of multiple Carol objects running around instantiating themselves all over town. Hey, it could happen, it could create total chaos, but, then again, maybe nobody would notice. Maybe all the Carol’s in the world, in Carol’s Little World, could slip around unnoticed and silently, reaking havoc as they go without being checked. Skating without being checked. It’s the best way to travel. Even if you are traveling outside of Carol’s Little World.

Don’t mind me, I’m thinking about the north country. I do that sometimes in winter, when it’s cold outside or my thoughts ramble towards that direction. Maybe it’s the Cowboy Junkies I’m listening too. That bleak, barren sound of an empty landscape dappled with a hard, driving wind in your face. Or just the leaves on the trees remind me of that direction. The wind seems to drive me down that way. Down to the cold north face of the Adirondack mountains where I almost froze to death waiting in the snow. I don’t like the cold, but there’s something about proving your worth, something about conquering it, that makes you feel alive. Even on a Wednesday afternoon.

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off and turning up her collar.


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