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Sweet Graces

This morning, I hear on CNN that we may have killed Osama bin Laden with a drone. Which would be a nice, pleasant surprise. Score one for the good guys, for a change. And, with a drone. What a fitting way to go. I’ve seen his video tapes, I can attest.

But, that’s not all that falls under the “oh so happy and joyous” news, I had a grand old time with HIM this weekend. First off, on Saturday, I went to Wimberly, TX to enjoy some window shopping and another great 80 degree (February) day. What a day I had. It was beautiful and I enjoyed getting out of town and getting some fresh air in these old, tired lungs.

My good news does not end there; however. WE met for coffee on Sunday and had a chat and it seems HE has grown tired of the relationship and wants out. Seems HE was talking about how HE wants to break up with HER. Yes, it’s right, you heard it here first. There is trouble in paradise. The relationship is on the skids. And the best part? I had absolutely nothing to do with it. Nope. Can’t pin it on me. HEEHEE, I was busy blogging. Or, um, doing whatever. Tae Bo with the doctor, perhaps? You can pin a lot of stuff on me but not that. Nope. Not this time. Yes, it’s true. SHE will be out of the picture. Adios. Goodbye. So long. See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya. “Owwww. You can do better than HIM anyway. There are plenty of fish in the sea.” BLAH BLAH BLAH. HA HA HA! Yippie!

Now the only trouble is….do I pretend to be saddened by this? How can I possibly pretend to be upset when, deep down inside, I am jumping for joy? How do I be gracious and offer a shoulder to cry on? And what do I do about my current “main squeeze”? Ah, the sweet complexities of life. How must I enjoy them so. Help me if you can. I need it now more than ever. Grant me patience and preservence so that I may continue. And grace. There is seldom enough grace in the world. I have the good sense to wait, please grant me the patience and grace to survive the waiting. It’s all I ask.

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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