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Sad Songs and Chocolate

Happy Valentines Day! It won’t be that happy for me. I cannot seem to shake my Cowboy Junkies habit as of late. Yes, it’s true. I’m not only addicted to blogging, but I cannot seem to shake my penchant for listening to sad music. And it’s St. Valentine’s Day. I’m supposed to be cheerful and happy and, well, downright giddy in love. Instead I think of winter, snow-covered barren landscapes, isolation, desolation, and sad songs. Guess I’ve been paying too much attention to the lyrics. That and, I have yet to open my chocolates.

“I’ve been told that it’s just the way life goes”

But, this brings me to another question. Is it really blues music if it makes you feel good? How can something that makes you so happy be considered so melancholy? What is attracting me so to these songs of despair at this point in my life? Why can I not simply cheer-up and get over it?

“I have heard about the lives of small swift birds…..legendary journeys made on fragile, hollow wings.”

Maybe it’s the symbolism that attracts me so. I mean, deep down inside I wish I were a poet. I wish I could put into words, or turn a phrase so that everybody would know what I’m feeling and there would be some kind of catharsis that turns my deepest emotions into a brilliant work of art. But, instead, I settle for blogging. And hoping that nobody reads it, I suppose. That and photography. Hmm. Maybe I should go photograph some black birds. They never seem to get off my damn deck.

“The wisdom of a lifetime always disappears in fact……Paradise once give….will always be taken back…..and the love you hang your life upon…..will start to slowly crack.”

Yipes. If live truely is a box of chocolates, I want to swallow it whole. Every last one. I need all the chocolate I can get. It is, afterall, Valentines Day.

Oh, and here’s a cupid for you. View at your own risk, but enjoy!

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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