Cathedral of…Holy Crap?

In Barcelona, it seems you can have only one cathedral. The “rules” dictate you can have only one, there can be only one place elevated to the status of “cathedral” as it were. Turns out the good folks of Barcelona figured out you can make every place a “cathedral” and so no place is a cathedral. In the days of old, cathedrals were reserved for the rich.

Today, I toured the gothic quarter. I found this shop. It was overflowing with…stuff. Not a good place for OCD but great photos as it were.

There’s even an Elvis in there.

The cathedral of Elvis? Holy crap! That’s really a place? Well, they didn’t call it that but, holy crap! What a load of holy crap!

Unholy crap too. All that and a freaking Elvis. (Pardon me, my eyes are full!)

Until next time..

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