First Signs of Autumn


Autumn is almost here. Can you feel it? Here in Texas, we are starting to experience cooler temperatures, even a little bit of rain. It feels like the season is starting to change. Like old man autumn is starting to fight his way into our lives once again. An interesting thing about the seasons, they sometimes seem to sneak up on you. Just when you get used to summer, and think it’s going to be endless summertime, BAM, autumn comes creeping in on you. 
Now that it’s a bit cooler, I wish I could go over to the water gardens and play with my camera. Due to the COVID restrictions, the water gardens is open for limited numbers of people and I don’t feel like I want to intrude or use up a slot that might otherwise go to somebody in need of new plants. I’ve been shying away, but not forever. No, someday I hope to get back there, to get into it, to get back into it, and to get back into nature as much as I can. I miss it so! 
I hope you are having a wonderful end of summer and enjoy your first sense of autumn creeping in. As a reminder, this image (and many others from this site) is available over on at this link. This is “Maple Glory.” 
Until next time…

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