Blue Gate, Red Line


So, I’ve been a bit busy as of late. Working on some changes here at Carol’s Little World. In case you did not hear the news, if you click on the Shop button up top (^ yes, up there) you can now get to my spiffy new shop. I’m working on a new website that will allow you to print images, like the one you see here, on demand and have them shipped straight to your door. Here’s a link in case you want to try it out. (Let’s hope that works.) 
In other news, I’m working on a book of images from China and dug out this one. Hard to believe I missed this on first edit, but here it is now. I love it. It’s different and not what you might expect when you think “China” but China is kind of like that. Not what you expect, never what you expect, right? 
They’ll be a Zoom hangout next weekend related to the China show. I’m excited about that too, as the good folks over at the Austin Asian American Resource Center (AARC) have put together what looks like a really great program. Check back for details about that, and please join in the fun. It’s called “Tea & Travel” so feel free to brew a cup of tea and join me for a great evening about image making, travel, China, and well, tea. (What more could you want, right?) 
I hope you are all staying well, safe, and enjoying what’s left of your summertime. 
Until next time…

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