Visions of Asia at the AARC

Golden Buddha, Seven Star Park Temple, Guilin, China
There’s been a local show of my work from China in the works for a while now. Last year, if you recall, I traveled up to Portsmouth, New Hampshire to attend an artist panel discussion and a group exhibition of work from China as part of the “Eight Photographers in China” exhibition. It was a great trip. Got to see some old friends, including college buddies and former work buddies, caught up with some of the folks I traveled to China with originally, and had a great visit to coastal New Hampshire. If anything, my only complaint was that the trip was too short.

Fast forward to this year. I got notice that the Austin Asian American Resource Center (AARC) was looking for work-they had a call for exhibition proposals, and I thought, why not? I already had the work, right? So, I put my name in the hat. As luck turned out, they selected me to be part of their exhibition calendar for the 2020 season. Yay! I was to hang the work on July 10th, attend an artist panel discussion, a gallery talk, an opening reception, do press, the works. It was going to be kind of a big shindig if I may say so myself.

Unfortunately, COVID had other plans. At first, we were going to “social distantly” install the work, meaning we changed some of the install dates around and tried to accommodate a schedule where we were using copious amounts of hand sanitizer and not being in the same place at the same time for the installation. Then, Austin went into lock down, with a lot of additional COVID cases, so the AARC opted (wisely so) to postpone the install until August. We’re still planning on doing an install sometime in August, COVID permitting that is but, since the show was slated to go up on July 10th and run for three months, the good folks at the AARC decided to do an online exhibition (presentation) for us. They basically setup a virtual show featuring all of the work.

I must confess, this virtual show has turned into one of the “gifts of COVID” as Eddie Soloway likes to call it. I’m amazed at how they put it together. Their presentation really showcases the work in a great light. It’s like a mini vacation, as it really captivates and takes you there. I
am so honored to be included in this wonderful show. I can’t thank the folks at the AARC enough for doing
this. It’s very immersive and really showcases our work.

Here’s a link
to the virtual show:
Special shout out and thanks go to Rachel Stewart from the AARC and all of the folks who pulled this together. Even if we never do get to install the physical images, this presentation was quite a showcase.
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