How Has the Pandemic Affected My Mobile Art? Worms or Dragons?

Recently, I was asked by the incredibly talented Joanne Carter from about the COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically, she is doing a wonderful series of interviews called “TrueView” interviews where she asks a mobile artist to answer one question in the form of a video response. For my question, I was asked, “How has the pandemic affect my mobile art?” You can see my response at the link here:
Basically, I talked about the children in my area, how they have taken to using sidewalk chalk during the pandemic, as part of social distancing. They are writing on the sidewalks in my area, different messages and the like. One of the messages asked the question, “Are you more afraid of worms or dragons?” You can read my answer if you follow the link and watch the little movie.
It’s interesting making movies because they seem to have a life of their own. At least I have found even little movies like this one seem to live on for a long time, while still images can sometimes be forgotten rather quickly. Maybe it’s just me, bu I have found that to be the case.
I hope you are doing well, surviving the pandemic and still taking pictures as best you can. Personally speaking, I was happy to do the little movie. It was a fun diversion, even if I had to fight with iMovie a few times. For those curious, it’s not actually a movie, rather a series of stills (taken with my iPhone, of course) set with narration in iMovie. Easy to make once you figure out how to work the iMovie application which is sometimes not as easy as it might appear.
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