Portraits, Continued

Time for more portraits. These days of COVID and all of our collective “shelter in place” directives have everyone a bit stressed. I thought it might be a good time to share some portraits for those who are feeling a bit lonely. This is also the time of year when a lot of folks get out to enjoy the springtime, take pictures in the flowers, and the like. While that might not be happening this year, it’s still a good time to enjoy some new friends. News is that camera sales are off 64% year over year, travel is down, everybody is off their game a bit. Bread making machines. That’s what everybody is buying now thanks in part to this business of being trapped at home. So, I thought, while I wasn’t too busy “loafing around” (so sorry for the pun) it might be a good time to share some portraits with you. Notes and recollections (or lack thereof) at the bottom. Enjoy! 
Until next time…

And the details for these:

  1. “Reaching into the Ferns” this one taken in Kona as part of a model shoot with the wonderful Kathleen Carr. The model had shifted herself into this pose all by herself and I ran up behind her and screamed, “Wait! Don’t move!” Of course, she did. We then had to spend about five minutes putting her hands back the way they were. Learned my lesson on this one: don’t do that again, right? 
  2. New Orleans, street musicians. These two were dressed up and I happened upon them, asking if I could take this shot. I love New Orleans, always a great place for pictures, a wonderful town, and some great food as well. This from the French Quarter. 
  3. More Kona, Hawaii, this one in Kathleen Carr’s swimming pool. I was not underwater but she was. 
  4. Another swimming pool shot, this one floating with a shawl on top. Yes, I love a lot of swimming pools, don’t I?
  5. Alex in a parking garage. I always loved this shot. It’s actually taken with an infrared camera and then converted to black and white. I love parking lot shots, there’s just something about them. 
  6. More Kona, this one a hula dancer as reflected in the tide pools at sunset time. I loved Kona and hope to get back there again someday. 
  7. Dad of the Dead in Austin found me shooting a lot of portraits. I love the costumes, the people, the event itself. This was a boy dressed up with full face painting and half a mask. It was always one of my favorites. 
  8. Dancers at Austin’s Eeyore’s Birthday celebration. Another fun shoot where I found myself just walking around with a camera caught up in the moment. Motion blue and a girl with green hair. 
  9. Day of the Dead warrior in full garb, this one also taken in Austin. Downtown by the railroad tracks as the parade started. 
  10. Last Day of the Dead image, this one is all about three heads being better than one, right? Love the feather boa too, it’s a great touch. 
  11. In the hills outside of Guilin, there is a place called Longsheng. These women were waiting on a bench in the hillside village where the locals wear this style of woolen hat. They were siting waiting for a man on a horse.

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