Resources for Photographers and those who want to learn – COVID Edition

Red house in the woods, Kyoto, Japan, impressionistic view

For those stuck at home, I thought it might be nice to gather some resources for photographers that have recently became available due to COVID-19 quarantine situation. There are a lot of folks stuck at home with kids who are looking to pickup a new hobby, learn a new skill, and the like, not to mention some folks might want to dust off their old photography skills while under quarantine. Some of you out there might just be bored while stranded at home and want to try your hand behind the lens. No matter which group you fancy yourself, I thought it would be a good opportunity to gather up some learning opportunities for you. Now, this might not be the best of time to head outside with a camera but there are still things you can do to brush up and make learn something new. Here’s a sample:

Since this is such a wildly changing situation, I’ve decided to update this page as I find additional resources. If you know of a resource that should be added to the list, please reach out, either in the comments section or by email and I’ll update this page as I can.

I hope you enjoy your time at home and make the most of these troubling current times. Stay healthy out there!

Until next time…

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