I Have a Yen for Some Notes from the Road

Playing around with the camera on the iPhone 11, this one is actually taken from some foreign currency. Speaking of foreign currency, I must confess I have a serious yen for some ramen noodles, maybe a zen garden or two, perhaps a temple, and, heck, there’s even a geisha calling my name. Yes, it’s true, I’m prepping for my next photo trek. Can you guess where I’ll be going?

So far, packing is going OK. I’ve got a new camera bag (one of these: Kelly Moore Jude Bags in case you are curious) and it seems to be better than the last, although the jury is still out on this. We’ll see how it holds up on the plane, as this is the real test. At this point, it’s all like stuffing, stuffing, stuffing anyway, we’re past the point of order and into the final stretch here. I’m trying out a lot of new things this time around, mixing it up a bit to see what works. Meeting a friend in LA before we travel onto Osaka, Kyoto, and other points in Japan together, and she summarized it best, “Everything with the excuse that, ‘oh, well, I need that for Japan’ is how this trip is going.” Yes, that about sums it up for me too. It’s been some retail therapy cleverly (or maybe not so) disguised as a location shoot.

Ah, but those ramen noodles, they are so calling my name! What’s that you say, I really didn’t need that new sweater? Hey, I’ve got a lunch date with a geisha, did you expect me to be under dressed for this? Nah, didn’t think so!

On the more mundane housekeeping front, look for more, “Notes from the Road” as I can, “Opportunity Weekend” will be on a bit of hiatus, yes, I know my top 10 list will be forthcoming, and please let’s all prey my house sitter can figure out how to work the coffee pot and the TV while I’m gone, m’kay?

This time, it’s me who’s getting the, “safe travels and good light,” well wishes. Wish me luck, for I shall travel far in the hopes of getting my next great shot. I am about to embark on my Japanese adventure. Let’s hope the travel is indeed safe, the light good, the geisha in fine spirits, and the ramen place can translate my shoddy Japanese well enough to give me a bowl of soup.

Sayonara until next time…

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