Eight Images from Home

Recently, I was tasked with pulling together “eight images from home.” While this might seem like an easy task, I’m here to tell you, it’s no easy pickings. For starters, lately anyway, a lot of my preferred images have been shot far from home. Limiting me to “from home” means no Iceland, no Italy, no Peru, no China, no Mexico, heck, you get the idea. In a way, this is a good thing, as it makes me stop to reflect what I shoot when I shoot local, the homegrown stuff. It’s really easy to just shoot the Eiffel Tower when you’re standing in front of it, right? I mean, it’s there and you’re there, and it’s just what you do. When you are “at home” you have a choice.

You can see my selections above. Of course, I opted to include my usual hat tip to architecture, starting out with one of my earlier pieces, which also doubles as a reflection in water. Gosh, I love to shoot those. Then, there’s the abandoned building trend which I definitely fall into at times. Sometimes, I hate to admit it but I do love a good empty building so there’s that. Of course, some night work is included along with a nod to my inclination for painting (actually mixed media) and then we get into some of my more recent garden series work. I still don’t have a name for this series yet, tentatively titling it, “The Garden that Grew on Me,” but it’s in the new folio since it fits and I wanted to include some of that.

Amazing to me really but eight images goes kind of quickly. You run out of slots pretty fast so, for these things anyway, I tend to try to pull a reasonable cross section of what I like to do. The “from home” thing made it a bit tricky for me but here you have it. It’s hard to introduce yourself in eight images but then, in a way, that’s all it should take really? I mean, how much more do you need?

Hello, I’m Carol and these are my “eight images from home.”

Until next time…

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