Reflections of bare tree branches in a pond in Texas

Reverberations. It’s the time of year when winter gives way to spring. It doesn’t happen all at once, no, it’s a quiet transformation. Little by little, bit by bit, slowly the buds form, then the leaves on the trees, giving way to the wildflowers, and then, before you know it, it’s summertime again.

I have yet to see my first bluebonnet of the season. I hear they are out there. I can almost smell them. This weekend, I went over to the water gardens. They had daisies and red bud trees, koi, and lots of bushes. It’s almost flower season, in fact, the pansies are almost past peak season. The succulents were there as they always are. The ponds are drained, the trees bare, but you can tell the change in season is sneaking up on us. In lots of little ways, little tells, that spring has, it’s making its way onto center stage. This will probably be my last bare tree image of the year. The next tree image? Why, they’ll have buds, leaves, maybe flowers, perhaps lots of sunshine and sunny skies. I might even be complaining about the heat. Yeah, it gets like that around here.

Seasons get you every time. Just when you get used to it, BAM! It’s changes out from underneath you.

Until next time…

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