Snow on the Cactus

Snow on a cactus plant, actually a white cacuts in the Texas Hill Country

It’s snow on the cactus weather. This morning, I listened to our local weatherman who told us, “the morning would start out chilly and then heat up.” Fat chance! It started out COLD and didn’t really “heat up” until late into the afternoon. Thinking it would warm up by about ten o’clock, I put on my shorts. Big mistake! I was so cold, I had to ride my exercise bike just to keep warm. I kid you not, I was sitting in my shorts at my computer when the heat came on. Ugh! March, man, you are killing me. Go home already, March, you’re drunk! In other, more positive news, I saw my first bluebonnet yesterday. Yeah man, the wildflowers are coming, the wildflowers are coming. Kind of like Paul Revere only a bit more blue.

That’s what I mean by snow on the cactus. Cold one minute, roasting the next. Our day ended up above 70 degrees. How in the heck did that happen? Sure, I’m going to complain come July but, for now anyway, this yo-yo of a weather front is killing me.

In other news, I shot a ton of shots this weekend. I mean like a ton. OK, they don’t actually weight anything but probably something approaching two thousand. Dang, I was a busy girl. Too busy, in fact, to notice there was a cactus with snow on it. Or, maybe not, seeing as I landed a shot of that too. Say, “cheese,” Mr. Cactus man, I got you too. Snow on the cactus and it’s shooting season again. Who would have thunk it, right? I hope you get out and shoot come springtime. Get some man.

Until next time…

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