Best of 2017 – My Top Images

I’ve been asked to compile some of my top images for 2017 so I thought I would post them to the blog today. These are my selections for my best images from 2017, I hope you like them too.

 And the details for these images are:
Image #1 from a trip to Zilker Park. It was an especially hot day and I found myself playing with camera motion while trying to rest from the heat. This is a shaded, quiet corner of the park with camera movement as the image exposed. I have shot Zilker a lot, since it’s very nearby, so I wanted to challenge myself to do some different with it. This shot seemed to fit that bill and I’m not including it here among my tops for the year.

Image #2 reflections in the Li River, outside of Guilin, China. China dominated images from the later part of the year, mostly because it is such a beautiful place and I was lucky enough to get to visit. This particular shot is a straight up reflection in the water, showcasing the limestone formations that mark the Guilin area and help make it so popular for photography. 

Image #3 corn and barley drying in a small mountain village. I loved the repeated patterns and texture of this so I played around shooting it with this image being my favorite of the compositions I tried.

Image #4 from a model shoot at the ghost ranch outside of Austin, Texas. Another hot day with early morning light giving it that warm glow. I wanted something that didn’t look overly posed but also was not a my typical straight looking into the camera type of setup. This fit the bill.

Image #5 same location, different model. This time it’s Libby in a beat-up, busted area of the location. I liked the expression on her face as well as the contrast of the beat up boards so I’m including it here.

Image #6 city scene at night, also from Guilin. I like the cinematic feel to this one and the softness is right up my alley so I’m including it.

Image #7 a tuk tuk type truck making deliveries to a restaurant inside a park in Guilin, China. I love the colors, the lanterns, and the delivery truck just filled the frame for me.

Image #8 the quiet out of the way “medicine” market. I liked the depth in this one, not to mention it’s such an interesting place, so I wanted to include it.

Image #9 more from the market, this time a more close-up view of a storefront. I’m not quite sure what they sell in these type of markets but the colors make it so interesting for me. I really loved shooting there, it was a great place to visit and I hope I get to go back someday.

Image #10 a dog in the doorway. This is a pet so I almost didn’t include it, but I thought it had a kind of nice little hidden sense of mystery about the image so I’m including it in my list.

I hope 2017 found you out shooting a lot as well and left you with a great pile of images. I can’t say I know what 2018 has in store but, if it’s anything like 2017, I’m looking forward to new challenges, new places, new shooting, great experiments, and lots of fun along the way. I hope you have a great 2018 and look forward to seeing and sharing more photography in this new year.

Until next time…

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