Opportunity Weekend

Once again it’s time for my running series, “Opportunity Weekend” where I present you with several ideas to promote your art and photography. If you’ve been following along, this is the third installment of what I hope to be an ongoing series. I am really enjoying doing these for you and I now am fortunate enough to report back in that, yes, they have been paying off for me as well. The image featured here was selected as one of 35 or so images to be included in the Southeast Center for Photography’s upcoming exhibition, “Forsaken.” You read that correctly. I submitted my work for consideration in one of my own opportunities and actually made the grade. So happy to get this wonderful news and so looking forward to the show, which is shaping up to be absolutely great  based upon the initial cut I’ve been lucky enough to see.

But, enough about opportunities past. This is all about onward, to the future. Let’s look ahead and check out some opportunities for you, some stuff that you may very well be lucky enough to get in on as well. How does that old southern expression go, “better get while the gettin’s good!” Yup. That. Get after it already!

Without further ado, here are some opportunities for you to consider this weekend:

  • Edition ONE Gallery has a call for entries exploring the theme “Disappearing World.” For those of you who missed out on the Forsaken opportunity, some of your work might just fit this theme. Details at the following link: http://www.editionone.gallery/callforentries.html. The gallery is in Santa Fe, New Mexico so jackalope to it. 
  • Aint-Bad Magazine has a call for entries to be included in their Issue No. 12 which is a curatorial issue. This is an opportunity for you to get your work put in front of some major curators and potentially be interviewed and published in print. Details at their link here: https://www.aint-bad.com/call-for-entry/. The deadline is July 1st.
  • PhotoPlace Gallery in Middlebury, Vermont has a call for entries with the theme “Black and White.” They are looking for black and white work for this upcoming show juried by Jennifer Schlesinger. The deadline is fast approaching so don’t wait on this one with details here: http://photoplacegallery.com/black-and-white-2017/.
  • The Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery has a call for entries exploring the theme, “the portrait and self-portrait.” This is all media and looks like a fun opportunity. You can find more details at the following link: http://bauhausprairieartgallery.com/upcoming-show/.

I seriously hope you are getting after it, as they say. These are some great opportunities and could really give your work a chance to shine. And, now I can honestly report back to you that yes, hey, it worked for me!

Until next time…

PS This one taken with the Canon EOS 5DS and the walkabout lens. Dakota. Talk about forsaken, this once styling blue room was indeed very much forsaken when I happened upon it.

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