Show News/Looking at the Ocean

This is the shoreline of Lima, Peru, shot with the Canon 5DS and my walkabout lens. In other photography related news, I’ve currently got an image up at Austin’s Corridor of Arts Gallery, located inside the Chase Bank Building at 700 Lavaca in downtown Austin.

The work is part of a show called “Member’s Choice” which is images selected by the Texas Documentary Photography Group. Interesting thing about this show, we usually do shows more along the lines of themed exhibitions, you know, shows like the Stomp That Grape! where we explored wine making in Texas and the like. This show is different. It represents the photographers own selection. It was kind of interesting to be free from a theme and be able to cull from the archives to be included in a show such as this and I honestly think the open theme does a lot for making the show look more diverse.

Some details about the show. It’s up now and it runs through February 26th. We are slated to have an opening reception on Thursday, January 24, from 4-6 pm with wine and cheese and the like so, if you’re in the Austin area, feel free to stop on by and check out the work. I’ve got one piece in the show, it’s a black and white image included in the lot. I’ve seen pictures of the show and it looks rather nice so I hope you get to check it out if you are so inclined. 

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