Minot Downtown

Talking with my crew the other day, I said something like, “Maybe I’ll put in something from Dakota,” to which they replied, “we haven’t seen any of your work from Dakota yet!” Actually, come to think of it, neither had I, so I thought it might be appropriate to post something here. This is still not “the real work” as friend Tazz calls it but, you know, it’s something kind of closer than what you might have been expecting.

This was taken in downtown Minot with the walkabout lens and the Canon 5Ds. Funny thing about “blue sky” days such as this one, they traditionally don’t make for good picture taking opportunities. Those pretty blue skies often don’t photograph well, but then, I swear, there is something so cheerful about a blue sky that it makes you shoot better. There’s something “happy” that transcends the light and contrast, at least I sometimes try anyway and sometimes, with luck, grace, or skill, somehow manage to make it work in the end. That blue sky can really cheer me up and a cheery Carol makes for a better photographer somehow. (Well, in all honesty, maybe I just suck a little less at that point.)

Back from Dakota and now my thoughts turn to all of the projects I want to do. I have some along the lines of the mundane: get a new roof, fix up the house, take the dog to the vets, etc. and some more photographic oriented: make a new little book, put up an ebook, update the old website, etc. We’ll see how much I can manage. I do feel like things are starting to come together, at least I have started to put the house together a bit. A new roof is in the works anyway so there’s that.

Besides, shooting in a blue sky like this is a lot better than shooting in the pouring down rain, isn’t it? (Well, maybe not but, like, work with me here, ok?)

Until next time…

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