Notes from the Road Day 2 – Peeling Paint Nirvana

Come on now, who does not love a really good blue door? This is one of the early shots from our property walkabout today. What can I say about that? I know I have not been tweeting and facebooking as much as usual. This is because I’ve been working it, folks. I’ve been out shooting. We toured 12 properties today, each one fabulous in a different and exciting way. I used only iPhone and it held up fairly well considering what I put it through. Good stuff in these abandoned playgrounds. It’s like peeling paint and old couch nirvana and you know, you just know, how much I love that kind of stuff. Heaven!

Biggest note so far is a feeling. I feel oddly energized. Those of you who know me know I always do this kind of work, I started doing this kind of work, architecture done differently, lots of abandoned spaces and big, empty rooms. I cut my teeth on this kind of stuff and I still eat it up for breakfast (yum!) So, yeah, it feels like going back to my roots but then also, BAM! new environment, change of place change of scenery. Old but new, fresh and I feel so invigorated. I really feel alive on days like these. Good times, good shots, good food, good people, good places, and the work just seems to fall out like it should. I hope I can keep up the pace.

Had breakfast at our hotel, got an early start, felt like I could have used about three more hours of sleep but seem to be holding up ok. Morning was spent going to the properties and getting a feel for the locations. Wonderful stuff. We had lunch at Rockin Relics in town (good eats there as well) and now it’s a bit of rest while the light sucks but also gearing up for late afternoon shoot. Back to some of the properties, back to the fun. Here we go, wish us luck.

So, yeah, it’s what I do, it’s what I always do but somehow better. Wish you were here but hopefully I’ll have some shots to share real soon now. Let’s hope the light and the weather and our aching backs hold up as best they can, eh?

Until next time…

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