Greetings From Dakota

Hotel room in Rugby, North Dakota at the Northern Lights Inn

Continuing in this series of “Bed” this is the bed I’ll be sleeping in tonight. I’m currently hold up in the small, rural town of Rugby, North Dakota shooting abandoned homestead farms and out buildings (think barns here, folks.) Trip promises to be different, a lot of fun, slightly different shooting from what I’m used to and also some new scenery.

So far the trip has been going pretty well. Had to get up in the middle of the night (3:30 am!) to catch the blue van to the airport. Didn’t hit any traffic and got to see parts of Austin I had forgotten exist. Flight to Minneapolis was bumpy (storms afoot!) but otherwise ok. There is a tram in the Minneapolis airport, so chalk that up to learn something new everyday. I had to take a smaller “commuter” jet and it was most cramped and bumpy but luckily only about an hour of flight time. Pretty crazy how they have small jets like that flying out of Minnesota but then I guess not that many people find themselves in North Dakota now, do they? Besides, I’m so over transportation. This photography thing has trained me well. I don’t care if you stuff me in a rickshaw, if I ride a pony, an elephant, an emu, or whatever else happens along. I’ll ride anything. OK, that didn’t exactly come out right but, like, you get the idea. I’m over transportation, just get me there already.

The airport in Minot is brand spanking new and we were in and out pretty quickly. Got a nice rental car, grabbed some grub at an Irish pub in town and then headed to do some grocery shopping, just to pick up supplies for the road. A little strung out from the trip, we then headed into Rugby which is going to be our base for the rest of the week. Found out they have white trees here. Didn’t know I missed them so much until I saw them again.

There are some auroras afoot but the recent (giant) fire up Canada way might be blocking our view. Might try to do some night shooting, depending upon how things go. Got a lot of properties lined up to check out so might not make it into the evening hours.

Also found out we made the local paper. “Photographers descend on Rugby!” is what they are saying about us. Yes, um, we’re here, ok? Thank you for the welcome.

Until next time…

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