Yes, I Know I’m Missing A Day

So, I was supposed to post this as part of yesterday’s challenge but I came home late, started watching TV, and then just fell asleep without posting anything at all. Here it is now.

I was trying to think of something clever and witty and my usual “self” to publish today. I couldn’t think of anything. It’s raining here now and my back feels a bit off. I’m sore and achy, just not feeling all that well today.

Since I needed to post something, I decided to surf the webs a bit to see if I could copy something witty and clever and interesting from somebody else (because, heck, let’s face it, that’s what I usually do anyway. Me and George Takai, right?) but I couldn’t even do that. Facebook is full of silly cat videos, cute animals, weird political rantings, and oddball kind of stuff today. I so was hoping to post some serious photography tips or something worthy and all I got was stuff like pictures of the golden studded bra from Victoria’s Secret. Not that there’s anything wrong really with a golden studded bra and all, but, like, I’ll never have one and I tend to find that kind of stuff useless really. I mean, how am I even supposed to comment on something like that? “Nice studs you got there?” seems kind of, well, excuse the pun but flat right about now.

Oh, in case you think that’s a bit over the top, Popular Photography is running some Facebook repost about new breakthroughs in gaffer’s tape. I kid you not. Gaffer’s tape. How am I supposed to even comment on this? Gaffer’s tape? You must be joking? Gaffer’s tape? What could you possibly say about it other than, well, it’s gaffer’s tape? Ugh!

Instead, I give you another shot from Santorini. This one without the grunge filtering, but kind of in the same style. Exploding houses on the little cliffs and all. Hey, it’s the best I could do on short notice, ok?

And, as far as making up the day, the black and white challenge and all, yes, I plan to do that as well. I’ll try to post two images today or just ran an extra day to make up for it, get in my “top five” as I am supposed to get them done now that I have accepted the challenge. 

Oh, and, in case you’re wondering what to surf around, want to avoid the, ahem, “historic” advancements in gaffer’s tape, the wonderful folks over at Adore Noir Magazine are posting some lovely (and by that I mean “absolutely gorgeous! Stunning really. Go check them out right now, what are you waiting for beautiful that is”) black and white work on the Internets right about now. I recommend you check them out along with their wonderful magazine, as they are quite good looking, especially in this day and age of endless streaming cat videos and wild advancements in gaffer’s tape.

Until next time…

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  1. Janice / Dancing with Sunflowers
    November 7, 2014 / 6:58 am

    I am loving your exploding houses! I'm sure you could work wonders with a golden stud bra and some gaffer tape too.

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